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Important health related issues.

Ocean Soles USA
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What's a Catspeaker?
('kt · speak · er - noun)
Hey!!!                     What's all the buzz about Catspeaker? . . . .                       Innnovative name arouses curiosity among professionals . . . .                       Spokesman? . . . .            Toastmaster? . . . .            Agent extraordinaire? . . . .                       No.            The "Cat" in Catspeaker is an acronym and stands for "Clarke Acoustical Transducer". . . .                       Catspeaker, a speaker manufacturer started by brothers, Cameron and Ted, made quality stereo speakers.                       The name did not stand for, as many thought, Cameron and Ted speakers!                       Electrostatic Sound (ESS) another speaker manufacturer started about the same time used a 10" woofer designed by Catspeaker in their successful AMT-1.                      
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sailboat blog
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